• Growth IQ providesFINANCIAL CLARITYto owners of businesses that empowers them to thrive.

At our core, we provide business services in the areas of accounting and tax, bookkeeping and business advisory. We operate to ensure all your statutory compliance obligations are met, but we go one step further and give your business an edge over competition. Within our industries of expertise, our dedicated team tailor our accounting and advisory services and approach, to your unique business needs to achieve exceptional results and optimise your financial position.

Let’s explore our specialities.


Boring accountants? Think again. 

As specialised providers of accounting and tax services, we exercise compliance and due diligence to make your numbers work for you. With accurate and real-time data, we perform an overview of your business operations, ensure your records are accurate and taxes are paid properly and on time. Our goal is to give you financial clarity and we will help your business achieve exceptional results by taking advantage of opportunities that optimise your tax position.

In human speak: We dot your i’s and cross your t’s and deliver you the data in a constructive, meaningful way that saves you money and helps you stay accountable.


Time is the most valued commodity for a business owner.

You have a special set of skills – and so do we. Bookkeeping for small and medium sized business is our bread and butter. Let Growth IQ track your financials so you can do what you do best, whether it’s building your brand, developing your product, or customer service. At Growth IQ, our bookkeeping services help to free up more hours in your week, so you can focus your energy on the activities that add value to your business. Outsourced bookkeeping from Growth IQ provides you with live, accurate and meaningful financial information that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from a team of specialists.


We will help you grow.

At Growth IQ, our goal as business advisors is to work with you to create a strategic plan to fast-track your businesses’ growth, helping you see results sooner. Our business advisory services are tailored to the specific goals of you and your business. We align our processes with these goals to develop considered strategies to tackle your unique business challenges, and encourage the sustainable growth of your business.

As your financial advisor, we use our significant experience to identify and maximise your businesses’ strengths and opportunities, mitigating risk and perceived weakness to help you achieve exceptional results.

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What our clients say

Lisa Paulina - KX Pilates Glenelg - Client of Growth IQ

As a franchisee business owner of KX Pilates Glenelg, working alongside Growth IQ has given me the confidence in knowing that I am on the right path to ensure the future success of my business. With their support it has allowed me to take a step back and work on what’s important to build my business, as well as setting a plan to achieve my future goals.

Lisa Paulino – KX Pilates Glenelg