ASIC Compliance

Yet another governing body with another set of rules! As a small business owner, it can be hard to keep up. We all try to run our businesses in line with the laws of our industries, countries, states and business structure, yet it’s difficult to be an expert on everything. If you’re run off your feet trying to run and grow your business, delegate your company’s tax compliance responsibilities to a tax expert you can trust.

What is ASIC Compliance?

The Australian Securities Investment Commission is the governing body over all companies in Australia. ASIC Compliance means that all of the activities undertaken by your company must comply with the Corporations Act.

Who does it apply to?

If you operate your business using a company structure in Australia, you are required by law to report to ASIC. In contrast, individuals, NFPs, trust and other structures that report tax compliance to the ATO.

How can Growth IQ assist?

Not just anyone can manage your information and report it to ASIC on your behalf. There are certain expectations and criteria surrounding registered agents who lodge documents and information on behalf of a company. So why spend your time completing tedious paperwork that you don’t entirely understand when you can delegate it to a registered ASIC agent? As your tax advisors, Growth IQ are here to decrease your administration activities, and ensure you are fulfilling all your obligations as a company.

We’re Registered Tax Agents

Growth IQ operate as a registered ASIC tax agent. As a registered ASIC agent, we can work on your behalf to ensure you stay compliant. This includes logging into ASIC’s online agent reporting portal to manage your company information in real time, including vital tax and legal documentation, and organising your payments. As your ASIC tax agent, we have important legal responsibilities surrounding the correct reporting of your information. Let us take on the burden of reporting for your company while you focus on building your empire.

What our clients say

I am relieved knowing that I am up to date and compliant with my accounting, and I have transparency and clear visibility to my monthly profit and loss to gauge the health of my business. I can now stay focused on the customer facing side of my business because Growth IQ have the accounting covered behind the scenes.

Dan George – Aluminium Installations SA