Asset Protection Strategies

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Why put hours, days, months and years of effort into building a profitable business without taking the time to ensure its value is protected? Asset protection is one of those bleak conversations you don’t want to have – but need to. Once your small business has its asset protection strategies in place, you’re ready to re-focus on growing your business.

What is Asset Protection?

Asset protection falls under the umbrella of loss prevention, and is a legally sound framework that protects your business from any nasty surprises.

These could be:

Asset protection strategies are an important discussion to put on the table with your financial advisor. Creating a sound structural framework around you ensures your protection and the protection of your assets from seizure or loss. 

What sort of assets can I protect?

  • Property
  • Plant & equipment
  • Superannuation
  • Your business itself

In this day and age, just about anything you value can be legally protected.

Who needs asset protection?

Business asset protection is a vital consideration for any established business. A considered business structure helps to reduce your personal exposure to creditors or lawsuits, while protecting the business you’ve worked so hard to establish. If you value your business and quality of life, asset protection is a no brainer.

Growth IQ assists with protection of your vital assets

When it comes to asset protection, prevention is always better than a cure. Consider us your legally compliant asset protection advisors for all things finance – from bookkeeping and tax compliance, to accounting and advisory. 

In the process of setting up your business? Good timing! Growth IQ asset protection services tie in seamlessly to our holistic financial services, as asset protection forms part of the groundwork when we are setting up your business structure.

Established and on the way? We’re here to guide you, whether it’s in re-structuring to best protect your business, or for a comprehensive audit of your current structure and a plan for the future.

We want you to understand exactly how we make your business work for you – so ask us questions! We love a diagram.

What our clients say

Karla KX Pilates Double Bay Growth IQ Testimonial

Since moving across to Growth IQ, I’ve seen a huge shift in the growth of my business, KX Pilates Double Bay. Growth IQ is always on hand to provide advice – that I actually understand – and offer practical solutions, allowing me to hit my targets as a small business owner. And the best part? Josh and the Growth IQ team always gets back to me within 24 hours.

Karla Maier – KX Pilates Double Bay, Chic Body