Start Up Advice

Ready to bring your new business into the world? Congratulations! There’s nothing more exciting than setting up a business and bringing your ideas to life – yet nothing as stressful. It’s important to ensure your foray into business begins with the right start up business advice.

After all, the most successful startups and businesses certainly don’t come about by accident. As a small business startup ourselves not so long ago, Growth IQ have come a long way in a short period of time – very much on purpose. We make it our business to be provide expert startup business advice and consulting to help ensure Australia is populated with exciting new concepts and endless successful startups!

Why seek professional advice for your new business?

A carefully considered startup business plan ensures you start on the right foot, arming you with invaluable tools and an ideal structure for optimal growth.

How does start up advice differ from ‘business advice’?

At ground zero, there are no bad habits to break. A clean slate when armed with modern technology and a modern approach gives you the opportunity to really make a splash in your industry. By arming yourself with your very own expert financial advisory team who specialise in startup consulting, you’re planning for rapid growth.

Growth IQ are experts in a variety of industries

Our speciality is providing advice for start ups

As your partners in your new business, we’ll be there for you every step of the way, by a combination of phone, email, and regularly scheduled meetings. Our start up business advice and planning is practical and actionable, with our approach including;

  • Crafting business plans
  • Choosing the optimal business structure
  • Improving products and services
  • Identifying areas of opportunity and growth
  • Creating clear objectives
  • Marketing strategies

Whether you would prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach to financial advisory, we can tailor our advisory services to suit your new venture. We’re here as your soundboard, mentor, and/or partner.

Give yourself the best possible head start with Growth IQ.

What our clients say

Melissa & Alicia Bode - Bode Hair Lounge Adelaide - Client of Growth IQ

My sister Alicia and I own a hairdressing salon in Adelaide, Bode Hair Lounge and we have been working with Growth IQ for the past 2.5 years. Since then we’ve literally halved the hours we work in our business, whilst maintaining steady revenue growth. This has changed our lives and provided a clear direction for us moving forward. I recommend Growth IQ to any small business owner, needing a level of financial understanding and support as their business grows.

Melissa Bode – Bode Hair Lounge