Virtual CFO Services

It might sound a little spacey, but using virtual CFO services in business is actually grounded in practicality. Outsourcing your financial functions to our expert team is an easy way to save your small business time, money and unnecessary stress, while helping you to grow in the right direction.

What is a virtual CFO?

As technology progresses, the nature of small business is changing rapidly. More small business owners are opening up to the advantages of delegating essential business functions that don’t fall under their specialisation to experts.

A virtual CFO manages all the financial functions of your business remotely, removing the need for a full-time employee, decreasing your wages and increasing the specialisation of your team.

An essential function of any business is the accounting, bookkeeping, and finances, including tax functions – yet if you’re an ideas (wo)man or an entrepreneur, chances are you don’t relish late nights crunching numbers. Outsourcing your finances helps small business to ensure your proverbial ducks are in a row, freeing up more time for your own specialisations.

How can a CFO be “virtual”?

Benefits of the new nature of work

Small businesses rarely have the resources to spend over $100,000 a year on a fully-qualified full time financial officer. An in house bookkeeper won’t have the skills to offer you progressive and innovative financial advice. Instead, you can spend 10-20% of the price on virtual CFO services and secure yourself a team of experts that are always just a phone call away!

How Growth IQ operate as a virtual CFO

Growth IQ is a team of expert accountants, tax accountants and bookkeepers working under the financial advisory expertise of Growth IQ founder, Josh. Available on the phone and via email at all times, take advantage of an unlimited financial resource that will accelerate the growth of your business.

We ensure you are meeting all your financial requirements while decreasing your employment obligations. Our virtual CFO services are a serious value bundle!

What our clients say

Abbey Seels & Family - Seels Technology Clients of Growth IQ

Having Growth IQ’s expertise surrounding us in such a crucial time has been invaluable for our business, Seels Technology. As a start-up company we have faced our fair share of challenges. Growth IQ has been there for us every step of the way, always available and willing to help out any time of day!⠀

We have utilised large accounting firms in the past and felt like we were just a number. Growth IQ have the knowledge of a large accounting firm with a personal touch. It is refreshing to have such an undeniable trust in our accountant!

Abbey Seeley – Seels Technology

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