Construction & Trade

Construction is a unique industry. Made up primarily of contractors with specific expertise, bespoke teams are the norm. Construction sites bring together unique project teams with different levels of team members, contractors and subcontractors with their own methods of working and billing.

Growth IQ financial advisory and accounting services are relevant to:

  • Builders
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Independent contractors
  • Construction companies

And various other operators within the construction and trade industry. We are confident in offering you sound construction accounting, innovative construction business advice, bookkeeping for tradies, and integrating our services and Xero software with your construction accounting software.

Growth IQ Accounting & Advisory Services for Construction Business and Tradesman

Ready to take your trade and go out on your own?

Let Growth IQ get you on the right track from GO. We can help you plan the structure of your new business and plan your entry into the market, as well as your ongoing taxation, specialising construction accounting, bookkeeping services.

Our business setup services include

There’s a lot to consider – and that’s why we’re here. Accounting for builders or a typical tradie’s accountant will be just that – accounting. At Growth IQ, we want you to understand your business, and make it as easy as possible for you to run, day to day.

Growth IQ’s Approach

We provide specific construction accounting services and advisory to help your business thrive. With a sound knowledge of project accounting, Growth IQ understand that your contracts can be irregular and your overheads fluctuating. As well as the services we’ve mentioned above, our ongoing services include;

  • Bookkeeping to take care of your day to day ingoings and outgoings
  • Sound structural framework for dealing with debtors and creditors and managing cashflow
  • Industry-specific and compliant construction accounting
  • BAS lodging and management of all taxation processes
  • Business structure and over actionable financial advice to maximise profits and grow your business

Take Back Your Time

Growth IQ combine advisory, bookkeeping and accounting to create an integrated approach to your finances, working with you to monitor the growth and developing strategies to help you achieve your goals. Whereas, our goal is to dramatically reduce your administration hours,  freeing up your time to focus on the improved efficiency and improved management of your business.

What our clients say

Lisa Paulina - KX Pilates Glenelg - Client of Growth IQ

As a franchisee business owner of KX Pilates Glenelg, working alongside Growth IQ has given me the confidence in knowing that I am on the right path to ensure the future success of my business. With their support it has allowed me to take a step back and work on what’s important to build my business, as well as setting a plan to achieve my future goals.

Lisa Paulino – KX Pilates Glenelg