In the age of globalisation, e-commerce is booming. Consumers are now able to purchase products and services from across the world in the comfort of their own homes.

For modern entrepreneurs, e-commerce can be a dream come true! For the small business operator, you now have access to an ever-growing global market, enabling you to identify and tap into new markets outside your locality, finding those with similar values and growing your niche community.

We’re here to help you spread the word of your brand and get your products and services out into the world as far and wide as you’re willing.

Preparing for your first foray into Ecommerce?

As specialists in all things online, Growth IQ work as your ecommerce accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisors. Whether you opt for Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Magento, Squarespace, or any number of other platforms, Growth IQ can help you make the most of your platform, while integrating Xero software to easily manage and make sense of your financials.

While you use modern technology to reach your consumer, we will use modern technology to power your business behind the scenes.

Growth IQ Accounting & Advisory Services for Ecommerce and Online Businesses

Growth IQ’s approach

As modern ecommerce accountants and business advisors, we’re here to:

  • Navigate different taxes for geographically different legal areas
  • Manage multiple payment platforms and sales channels
  • Handle your GST, BAS, PAYG & other tax compliance requirements
  • Evaluate, select and register a new business structure
  • Integrate software and technology to produce meaningful numbers
  • Choose and measure targeted KPI’s
  • Develop online strategy

Our clients

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say!

As a copywriter by trade with little to no overheads, when I purchased a small Ecommerce business I was unsure how to manage my new expenses and overheads and the best way to combine their management with my existing business, if at all. Not only did Josh explain to me in detail the best options, Growth IQ organised everything for me and reduced my time spent on financial admin to zero.

He created a business structure that integrates my varied income streams fluidly. I now have clear KPI’s for my Ecommerce platform and my copywriting that complement each other, and we meet monthly to discuss online strategy and conversion. Whenever I’m in doubt about what I’m doing, Josh’s enthusiasm and actionable advice puts me back on the right track!

Jacqueline Alanne, Founder Finn Boutique, Client of Growth IQ

Jacqueline Alanne

Owner, Finn Boutique

What our clients say

Simon - Kick 'N' Box Fitness Adelaide - Client of Growth IQ

I have worked with Growth IQ for nearly 2 years and without them I feel I would be drowning in a pool of BAS statements and lacking direction. As the owner of a small fitness business looking to grow, it has been great to have Growth IQ on side to help plan into the future and keep me accountable with my vision and goals for Kick ‘N’ Box.

Simon Wiese – Kick ‘N’ Box

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