Fitness & Recreation

The fitness industry is booming. Whether you’re a personal trainer, own a yoga studio, pilates studio, fitness centre or health club, you’ll be familiar with early mornings, late nights and long days. If you aspire to spend more time working on your business, rather than in your business, then you’ve come to the right place. At Growth IQ, we are qualified and experienced accountants for gyms, pilates studios, fitness centres and more.

Do you want to start a gym or your own fitness studio?

There is no industry quite like the health and fitness industry. Even if you have worked in the trenches for years, 4:30am starts and all, opening your own studio creates a whole new set of hurdles.

You might have expert industry knowledge and an innovative program and vision, but do you have the most effective business framework to apply and execute? How do you afford equipment and a site, secure clientele, maintain cashflow, and pay staff? Creating a gym business plan is imperative.

Growth IQ Accounting & Advisory Services for Fitness Studios, Pilates Studios & Gyms

Growth IQ can help you kickstart your business

As expert accountants for gyms, pilates studios, fitness centres and more, we can get it all off the ground for you, from;

  • Completing your tax and business registration
  • Helping you choose and establishing the most effective company structure
  • Creating budgets for marketing, plant, property & equipment
  • Asset protection
  • Determining the optimal staffing strategy
  • Understanding and managing cashflow
  • Legal and tax compliance for your industry

Achieve your health and fitness industry goals

Growth IQ are small business accountants with a heavy investment in the fitness and recreation industry. We work with a range of different health and fitness clients and disciplines to create gym business plans for growing businesses. From the booming KX Pilates Eastside studios in South Australia and the wider KX Pilates network of studios in Sydney and Perth, to the pumping Kick’N’Box kickboxing studio.

We understand your everyday struggles, from broken equipment and membership number plateaus, to epic competition in local marketing.

Growth IQ Accounting & Advisory Services for Fitness Studios, Pilates Studios & Gyms

Growth IQ’s Approach

As financial advisors and accountants for gyms, studios and everything in between, our specialised services can guide you through:

  • Chasing and maximising new client leads
  • Maintaining database and client numbers
  • Researching and identifying products and services that complement your brand and expand your reach and value offering
  • Understanding how to leverage class times, class sizes and staffing

Whether you are preparing to open your doors, or you’re on the established side and ready to thrive, our small business bookkeeping, accounting and financial advisory services help you to set regular targets for growth, helping your communities to flourish.

Take Back Your Time

Run a gym or pilates studio? Trips to the accountant probably isn’t how you envisioned spending your time as a small business owner. But why pay a bookkeeper to ‘do your numbers’, or an accountant at tax time when you could utilise a 24/7 service to guide you towards revenue growth and business innovation? Growth IQ work with you as your partners to get you to where you want to be. Whether it’s hands off and behind the scenes, or hands on as the star attraction.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients have to say!

I signed on as a client of Growth IQ as I could immediately see the value they were going to add to my business, Move Pilates Studio, in the long term. The team at Growth IQ has been pivotal in gaining some structure for my business.

Through setting up an annual goal and breaking into monthly KPIs, I feel in control and excited with my studio’s future direction. Since handing over the accounting and bookkeeping, I have been freed up to physically work on my business, instead of always working in it I would highly recommend Growth IQ to any small business owner wanting to build sustainable business roots.

Alex - Move Pilates Studio, Murray Bridge SA

Alex Morgan

Owner, Move Pilates Studio

What our clients say

Mel and Marks Cleaning Services Adelaide - Client of Growth IQ

As a fast-growing business, we found ourselves in a situation where we needed to get up to speed on the business operations, finances and cash flow. We knew we needed an accounting firm to do more than just prepare our BAS’s and Tax Returns and tell us how to stay out of trouble. We needed a team with the capability to take on several key financial functions and consult with us on a regular basis. From day 1, Growth IQ have taken the time to learn our business, Mel and Mark’s Cleaning Services, and become our external CFO that asks us the tough questions. Their team has brought financial expertise to us and is letting me focus on our service offering.

Mark Floreani – Mel and Marks Cleaning Services