Medical & Healthcare

Love your job, but don’t cherish the stacks of paperwork it requires to run smoothly? Get back to helping your clients and growing your business by hand-balling your finances to Growth IQ, the modern experts in medical and healthcare financial advisory, accounting, bookkeeping and taxation.

Accounting for Medical Professionals

Are you looking for some financial guidance for your medical practice? Our specialised accounting services are relevant for:

  • General practitioners
  • Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Podiatrists

Financial advisory and accounting for medical professionals is imperative to progressive growth. You may be the best GP in town, but if you’re using more traditional accounting or financial services, there’s every chance you’re selling yourself short.

Growth IQ Accounting & Advisory Services for Medical Professionals & Healthcare Practices

Ready to open your own medical practice?

Spent seemingly endless years studying, working for The Man, and finally ready to go out on your own? If you’re ready to spend less time on the front line, and more time managing and growing a business, Growth IQ can help you start on the right foot.

Moving from a practitioner to a business owner in the medical industry can be confronting. More than other industries, small business owners in the medical industry can find themselves overwhelmed with the huge amount of legal and financial obligations requiring attention on a regular basis.

Growth IQ’s Approach

We make it our business to understand the ins and outs of the medical industry. Our specialised services in advisory and accounting for medical professionals include:

  • Business structure setup and registration
  • Specialised understanding of medical compliance requirements
  • Specialised taxation knowledge
  • Optimising Medicare and client billing processes
  • Setting up and managing Xero software for your healthcare business
  • Consistent benchmarking and selection of relevant KPI’s
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Lodgement of BAS and IAS on your behalf
  • Payroll services and PAYG

Growth IQ Accounting & Advisory Services for Medical Professionals & Healthcare Practices

Take back your time

An established business owner, yet still finding yourself personally serving the bulk of your clients? With improved financial management, take back your weekends and grow your revenue without working 70 hour weeks.

Growth IQ are here to guide your small business expansion, whether it’s a pharmacy business plan and accounting for pharmacies, advisory and accounting services for dentists, or advisory bookkeeping for dentists. We tailor our solutions to your goals.

What our clients say

Alex - Move Pilates Studio, Murray Bridge SA

I signed on as a client of Growth IQ as I could immediately see the value the were going to add to my business, Move Pilates Studio, in the long term. The team at Growth IQ has been pivotal in gaining some structure for my business.

Through setting up an annual goal and breaking into monthly KPIs, I feel in control and excited with my studios future direction. Since handing over the accounting and bookkeeping, I have been freed up to physically work on my business, instead of always working in it. I would highly recommend Growth IQ to any small business owner wanting to build sustainable business roots.

Alex Morgan – Move Pilates Studio