Business Services

And How They Can Help You

At Growth iQ, we provide business services in the areas of accounting and tax, bookkeeping and business advisory. We operate to ensure all your statutory compliance obligations are met, but we go one step further and give your business an edge over the competition.

Within our industries of expertise, our dedicated team tailor our accounting and advisory services and approach, to your unique business needs to achieve exceptional results and optimise your financial position.


In an era where many businesses are increasingly accustomed to working online, the value of working with an agile CFO not only saves money but is hugely beneficial.

With Growth iQ’s CFO services you get access to our experienced financial experts without the need to employ a full-time worker to do the same role, freeing you from the responsibilities and on-costs of employment. We are flexible with our time, meaning meetings can be online and at times that work for you.

Our Agile CFO services can assist you with growth and profit planning, working alongside you in forming a realistic financial strategy to improve your cash-flow and profit and guide you on the steps to get there.

Our Agile CFO services include;

  • Guidance in strategic planning relating to growth and expansion

  • Help managing and forecasting cash-flow assumptions and needs

  • Overseeing your accounting systems to ensure proper bookkeeping and reporting

  • Monitoring and analysing the financial health of the business

  • Budgets and forecasts to help measure business performance

  • Financial insight and guidance on company decisions and issues.


Our goal as your business advisor is to work with you to create a strategic plan to fast-track your business growth, helping you see results sooner. Our business advisory services are tailored to the specific goals of you and your business. We align our processes with these goals to develop considered strategies to tackle your unique business challenges, and encourage the sustainable growth of your business.

Our services include but are not limited to;

  • Business and strategic planning

  • New business and start-up advice

  • Cashflow forecasting

  • Business benchmarking and KPI

  • Asset protection strategies.

Get a head this financial year with our preparation tips.


The paying of taxes helps to support the essential services of the industry and country in which you live. For the purposes of your business, ongoing tax compliance is important as it helps you to ensure you understand your responsibilities as a business. Understanding your tax obligations, can prevent any surprise debts to the ATO, which may upset cashflow and even the financial position of your business.


Tax advisory is the process of knowledgeably reviewing and advising on your obligations, and helping you to understand any relevant risks, continually updating as new information becomes available.

Furthermore, our team of qualified advisors will help you to understand the best path through the ever-evolving Australian taxation landscape, giving you constructive business tax advice and directing any necessary adaptions as changing requirements arise.


Tax planning in Australia can be challenging, as tax legislation changes regularly, and must be reflected in your planning. It’s important to stay abreast of any ongoing changes that may affect expected tax payments.

Recording your regular spending and other everyday activities helps to ensure we have the appropriate information ready when tax time inevitably rolls around. This ensures that your business remains tax compliant and it also helps us to optimise your financial position. Want to be prepared at tax time? Here are our tips on how to prepare for tax time. 


If you operate your business using a company structure in Australia, you are required by law to report to ASIC. In contrast, individuals, NFPs, trust and other structures that report tax compliance to the ATO. Not just anyone can manage your information and report it to ASIC on your behalf. There are certain expectations and criteria surrounding registered agents who lodge documents and information on behalf of a company. So why spend your time completing tedious paperwork that you don’t entirely understand when you can delegate it to a registered ASIC agent?


In a fast-paced world, one of the most valuable commodities is your time. At Growth iQ, our bookkeeping services help to free up more hours in your week, so you can focus your energy on the activities that add value to your business.

 Let us track your financials so you can do what you do best, whether it’s building your brand, developing your product, or customer service. Delegating and outsourcing is the way of the future, helping you to build a reliable team of specialists that compliment your skills. Outsourced bookkeeping from Growth iQ provides you with live, accurate and meaningful financial information that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

As specialised providers of tax and accounting services, we will give you financial clarity and innovation that will give your business the edge over your competition. As Chartered Accountants, with years of experience, we will help your business achieve exceptional results by taking advantage of opportunities that optimise your tax position.

Growth iQ’s accounting services integrate seamlessly with bookkeeping and financial advisory to deliver clarity and forge innovation within your business, helping you to plan for the future while considering your journey thus far.

Business Services Team

Josh Richardson

Josh Richardson


I live and breathe business, client relationships and success. With my career as a Chartered Accountant coupled with experience as a small business owner, I have gained the hands-on knowledge and understanding of what entrepreneurs are seeking when it comes to business advice and accounting services.

I thrive on improving client’s business efficiency, sharpening their edge over the competition and optimising their financial position. I approach every client differently because every client’s business is unique. My vision is to free my clients from financial stress and enable them to focus on what they do best.

My tailored approach means each client receives finely tuned advice and practical solutions applicable only to them – a true reflection of Growth IQ’s
laser-focused, individualised and deeply considered service. Fuelled by unwavering confidence in my knowledge and skills, I work together with clients to
develop their goals, refine their professional services and maximise their impact.

Email: jrichardson@growthiq.com.au

Alec McKellar

Alec McKellar


In everything I do, I am approachable, relatable, and honest. I am eager to bring results and success to all my clients yet take pride in building long-lasting, meaningful relationships. I bring passion, energy, and guidance along with a meticulous attention to detail.

With over 10 years’ experience in boutique and large firms, my values have always been the same – to be more than your accountant or advisor but rather your partner in success; challenging you, encouraging you and collaborating with you.

Tuned in to my clients’ needs and business goals, I am always ready to pivot, learn and adapt with you. From a place of understanding, I advise all my clients to lean on me, whenever they need, so we can step confidently together, aligned and genuinely invested in the journey towards growth and success.

Email: amckellar@growthiq.com.au

Alexandra Terreri

Alexandra Terreri

Accounting Manager & Cryptocurrency Specialist

I have a passion for all things SME. My specialties in technical knowledge, Cryptocurency and taxation – in particular strategising and optimisation allow me to help you and your business succeed and grow.

Working closely with our advisors and you I will prepare, manage and report on all aspects of your accounting.

I have extensive experience using and implementing cloud-based accounting systems for business – so you can sit back, focus on your expertise and let me improve your accounting efficiencies.

Email: aterreri@growthiq.com.au

Georgia LeBrun

Georgia LeBrun


I am a client-focused accountant who is committed to adding value to you and your business. I take pride in working closely with my clients to ensure they are getting the most complete view of their accounting and business.

My skills and experience in tax accounting will ensure we optimise your financial position and help your business achieve exceptional results.

My dedication to staying on top of the complexities, allows me to give you the reassurance to do what you love best – running your business.

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams

Bookkeeping Manager

You have a special set of skills – and so do I. Bookkeeping is my bread and butter – let me track your financials so you can do what you do best!

I am skilled and passionate about Payroll, Performance Dashboards, Xero, MYOB and Training and Management Accounting.

My bookkeeping team will provide you with live, accurate and meaningful information that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

By outsourcing your bookkeeping requirements you will free up more hours in your week – who doesn’t want that?

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Head Office: 4/227-235 Unley Road, Malvern, South Australia 5061