Operational Excellence

Setting your business up for growth

Operational Excellence is defined in the Business Dictionary as “A philosophy of the workplace where problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership results in the ongoing improvement in an organisation.”

Simpler, Operational Excellence is the execution of strategies more effectively and efficiently than your competitors. Furthermore, Operational Excellence involves setting the  business up for growth, understanding what the market wants and creating the projects, processes, and procedures that will provide value but are also agile.

At Growth iQ we help you extend your business’s capabilities, implement improvements, mitigate risks, and spur overall progress. Our team can transform strategic concepts into practical outcomes in supply chains, processes, and business model transformations.


Our Business Performance services start with us diving into your current processes and identifying their potential risks, then formulating responses to them.

We also work with you to identify exposure points for your business and understand the magnitude and likelihood of the risk impacting current processes and procedures.

By uncovering your exposure points we can then see the opportunity for improved performance and develop the right treatment strategy plans. Our team can also develop and implement a process for continued monitoring and treatment of potential risks that may form in your industry’s every changing environment.



Business transformation is essential for any company, even when you’re the market leader. Yet research shows over 75% of transformation projects fail.

Growth iQ takes pride in not only advising your business of the scope, objectives and journey of the transformation but we actually ‘get inside’ your organisation to reshape its structure and ultimately ‘hold your hand’ throughout the entire process.

We take a more holistic and expansive approach to transformation that increases the chance of seeing a significant and sustainable growth.

The world changes fast and leaders don’t wait for disruption, they anticipate and own it – unlocking their full potential.


If your business is not at the stage where they require a full time COO or CCO then our team can fill the management gaps as required.

We have the skills, expertise, and experience to integrate seamlessly into your current business structure. We can set standards for your business and collaborate with managers to ensure processes, training, and quality of goods/service reflect business standards.

Our Agile CCO will oversee the development and commercial strategies of the business and make sure they fulfil the budget and goals.


As companies grow the need to develop and implement new processes and procedures to help scale and meet business goals is needed. Many roles usual way of running will start to no longer work, requiring the business to innovate. The best companies are continually reviewing, improving, and developing new processes and procedures quickly and effectively.

Not only can Growth iQ review current processes and procedures, but we also develop new ones and help employees implement them. As we begin the execution plan, we also review the new process and/or procedure and make any necessary adjustments.

Operational Excellence Team

Karen Forbes

Karen Forbes


I love guiding, supporting and motivating individuals along their journey to business success. With over 18 years’ experience in corporate executive roles, I have gained extensive skills in commercial management, strategic planning, business performance and project management.

With my solid grounding in business management along with my passion for process improvement, I bring an eye for identifying structures that need shifting, refining, or transforming in order for businesses to grow and thrive. I am a driven individual, who takes pride in delivering impact for my clients and building compassionate, genuine, and valuable relationships.

No matter your circumstances or unique demands, I strive to consistently deliver solutions tailored to your business objectives. In everything I do, I am committed to adding value, building rapport, and encouraging big goals and successes. My proven ability to improve performance, revenue and growth combined with my steadfast passion and empathetic approach – makes me your ideal partner in business.

Email: kforbes@growthiq.com.au

(08) 8126 4100

Head Office: 4/227-235 Unley Road, Malvern, South Australia 5061