Project Management

All you need to know

Project Management can help you identify, plan and execute programs and projects aligned with your business’s needs, goals and drivers.

 An effective Project Manager can;

  • Set the scope for projects to deliver upon

  • Provide the expertise, techniques and tools required to deliver the expected outcomes

  • Ensure projects are properly resourced and supported.


Growth iQ’s Project Management solutions allow business owners to focus on their expertise and income generating tasks whilst a highly skilled, senior professional operates outside the day to day of the business to ensure optimal return on a project.

Our team can bring to life your desired projects by recognising and mapping the steps needed to get there. Our services include taking the time to understand the entire organisation, identifying current drivers, procedures, policies, and direction whilst uncovering gaps and limitations that effect the desired outcome.


Growth iQ can facilitate the planning, strategy, execution, and evaluation of any project you feel your business requires to take it to the next level. Whether it is administrative, operational, or financial we can implement the processes, systems and procedures to bring it to life, giving you the time and energy to focus on your craft.

Whether it’s a new road, restaurant opening or the launch of the latest software, our Project Management team will work behind the scenes steering the project from start to finish, leaving you to manage your business.


Growth iQ can manage everything from the lease negotiation, planning, to design and fit out. The commercial property and fit out industry is complex and navigating it can be time consuming, costly and frustrating.

By employing Growth iQ we become your single point of contact for the entire fit out life cycle, saving you time and resources.


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Project Management Team

Karen Forbes

Karen Forbes


I love guiding, supporting and motivating individuals along their journey to business success. With over 18 years’ experience in corporate executive roles, I have gained extensive skills in commercial management, strategic planning, business performance and project management.

With my solid grounding in business management along with my passion for process improvement, I bring an eye for identifying structures that need shifting, refining, or transforming in order for businesses to grow and thrive. I am a driven individual, who takes pride in delivering impact for my clients and building compassionate, genuine, and valuable relationships.

No matter your circumstances or unique demands, I strive to consistently deliver solutions tailored to your business objectives. In everything I do, I am committed to adding value, building rapport, and encouraging big goals and successes. My proven ability to improve performance, revenue and growth combined with my steadfast passion and empathetic approach – makes me your ideal partner in business.

Email: kforbes@growthiq.com.au

John Anibaldi

John Anibaldi

Project Manager

I am your business all rounder – with a broad base of financial, administrative and operational experience.

Having worked in various hands-on commercial and operational roles, I’ve been exposured to numerous franchised systems as well as business and contractor management.

My business generalist and operational knowledge together with my keen focus on systems and processes will add another layer to your business.

Email: janibaldi@growthiq.com.au

(08) 8126 4100

Head Office: 4/227-235 Unley Road, Malvern, South Australia 5061